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Latest articles from our blog

All Strings Attached – An Overview of String Theory

Context The very purpose of physics - for as long as the subject has been around - is the devout pursuit of equations to describe...

All Strings Attached – An Overview of String Theory

Context The very purpose of physics - for as long...

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Zeno’s Paradoxes of Motion

Zeno was a philosopher most famous for his Paradoxes of Motion known as "Zeno's Paradoxes". The paradoxes suggest that motion is not real - just an illusion.

How 7 Years Old Gauss Summed Natural Numbers from 1 to 100?

Carl Gauss intelligently summed natural numbers from 1 to 100 while he was in primary school. Here's how he calculated the sum of natural numbers.

The Tale of Atomic Models : Description of Atomic Structure

Learn how scientists understood the structure of the atom even though they are very small. In this article, we will not only study the atomic models proposed by great scientists like Thomson, Rutherford, Bohr etc. We will also see a real picture of atom.